Johnny Hachem or the ascent of a gifted pianist

Meet Johnny Hachem and some of his music composer philosophy: Johnny Hachem is one of the most brilliant pianists in today’s time. He has performed at various international festivals, including ones held in Ukraine, Lebanon, Switzerland, England, Austria, Germany, France, Spain Poland, Romania, The Netherlands, South Korea, as well as the Arab countries, where he played his solo works. It wasn’t until later on when young Johnny discovered how much talent awaited him in the music industry. He is a music prodigy who started learning piano and composition at the Lebanese Higher Conservatory of Music. He earned his master’s degree there with distinction too! Find extra info at

I love that everything I do is to be original and unique and not only to follow the music market. At the same time I profit from the technology and the new softwares to the maximum. For example, a few years ago, I composed the orchestral music for a documentary film using only the VST instruments. I believe that I must gain from anything that can make the composition process smoother and faster but it must always meet uniqueness and genuine originality.

When asked about his favorite music genre, he replied, “My music is based heavily on the style of Neo-romanticism with some modernistic elements.” According to him, he wishes to see classic romanticism in the young blood of today, and therefore he tends to mix modernism with classics to create some soulful and melodious arrangements. Due to a troubled childhood because of the war in Lebanon, Johnny shared that coping with his academic journey with all those psychological conditions was very challenging. But even after school, whenever there was a ceasefire, he would snuggle up to play the piano which sums up his passion for music.

Oftentimes musicals and mainstream songs “borrow” from classical pieces, even without mentioning the actual origins. The reasoning is that “every note has already been used”, so, why not. Has it ever happened to you that your compositions welcomed you in someone other’s gown? Johnny Hachem: I think no, at least not until now, haha. Or maybe it’s happened and I’m just unaware of it? It can be! Why do you think modern compositions lack of the beautiful and elegant complexity of notes, chords; the ornaments such as turns, mordents, trills, acciaccaturas, appoggiaturas; the complete lack of meaningful structures and so on? And this goes both for each and every genre. Can it be because of the untrained ears will not buy into something they feel alien and untranslatable, “too much” or because majority of the songs are written by a handful of craftsmen in the background and the “indies” in any genres are just, well, simply not enough good?

Johnny Hachem composer and pianist, was born in Beirut. He is a live performer, as well as a film composer. He holds two international awards including the 2009 international award for the Music Composition from the The International Composition Conference (Cergy-pontoise, France). The music industry in the US is huge. With a lot of mainstream and underground musicians trying to make it big in the industry, it is only a handful of extremely talented individuals who shine bright in the crowd.

Second, the contemporary music compositions have become quite difficult for the majority of the people to enjoy. Very few would like to attend such concerts and even most of the professional musicians themselves always prefer to perform a beautiful music where you can hear a clear and beautiful theme, harmony and orchestration. That’s why, I believe, every music that doesn’t contain a beautiful theme will be directly forgotten and less appreciated.