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Premium high class lifestyle news? Your version of luxury and style may drastically vary from others –we all have our own décor tastes and lifestyle goals – however, one thing is for certain – luxury is attainable in your home by including the most modern amenities, technologies and comforts.Do you have all of these abundant amenities in your home? Are you thinking of a remodel or on the market for a new home? If so, then print out this list and take it with you when shopping for your next dream escape ? it will surely help you find the perfect luxury home!

Wellness has become a priority for celebrities and non-celebrities alike in 2020, and this has created a huge trend in the number of available wellness products. However, if you want to spend a few days indulging in luxury and escaping from reality, then a wellness retreat could be for you. Not only can this improve your stress levels and mental health, but it will also allow you to be pampered for a few days or even weeks, restoring your health for your re-entry back into normal life.

Building a capsule wardrobe is personal. The same thing I tell people when it comes to building an aesthetic is check your closet. Checking your current wardrobe will tell you a lot about yourself and what your current style is. Noting and paying attention to the items you wear most will help you understand what pieces you’ll most likely want in your capsule. Building a capsule wardrobe has a lot to do with your lifestyle and that is why it is personal. There is always room for fun and dramatic pieces, I have quite a few, but I absolutely dress for my everyday lifestyle. I sit a lot at work, so I opt for a fitted legging because it won’t wear out or stretch out over the course of the day. If I know my bottom is more fitted, I go for a oversize top or top that can at least be tucked in as a little more loose fitting than my bottoms. I like wearing heels, but even if I’m sitting all day it’s not practical to wear my stilettos to work, but opting for a good everyday heel that is just high enough, I can pair that with my fitted leggings, top and still stay in my capsule wardrobe zone. Find extra details at

If clean body care and skin health was a person it would be this exfoliant. After a good scrub, you move to the body wash. The body wash is a staple in my body care routine and it has lasted me so long! If you use scrub gloves, which in my opinion also lather better, you don’t have to use a lot. It is early January and I’m still trying to use the last of my first body wash. Body care should be a time where you romance yourself; you deserve a good shower routine and or bath experience. All of the products come with a fragrance free option, but similar to the exfoliant, it’s so nice to have your shower steam up with the fresh smell of eucalyptus. It’s calming, it’s soothing, makes being at home not so bad.