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US immigration lawyers recommendations for chinese residents
US immigration lawyers guides for chinese applicants: Learn which visas you will need to work or study in the United States. Prepare for the visa lottery. That’s because you will have a short window of time to apply each year. Determine which type of visa you need. For example, students need an F-1 visa, while the most common type of work visa is the H-1B. Consider getting an immigration attorney. They can help you navigate fast-changing immigration policies. Learn about free legal aid for immigrants in the U.S. If you are concerned about how you will fit in, learn what others have experienced as immigrants from various cultural and racial backgrounds.

Skeptical of the unrealistic promise of immigration lawyers: Good immigration lawyers, like lawyers in other professional fields, rely on solid professional skills to serve their clients. Generally, good immigration lawyers need a lot of case experience and long-term practical experience to ensure their professional level in a certain case. When encountering a case that is not in their own field of practice, a good immigration lawyer will proactively disclose it to the client, or at the request of the client, recommend other high-level lawyers in the relevant field. If you meet an immigration lawyer who is willing to accept your case, he is not familiar with the type of case at all and you must pay more attention to it. Beware of any immigration lawyer who suggests that you do something suspicious: or lie to apply for immigration, give the lawyer extra money to bribe the immigration office, or buy a fake green card from him or her.

Did you know that there are important cultural customs regarding your behavior after a job interview? Here’s how to follow up with your prospective employer. Make the most of LinkedIn: Write an attention-grabbing headline such as: “Motivated, experienced sales manager.” Under each job title or previous position, you should have at least three bullet points with strong examples of your expertise. Your employer is likely to look at your public social media pages—so you might want to consider cultivating a personal brand. Define your vision, mission, and core values. Your job application, social media presence, and LinkedIn profile should combine to create a narrative about your professional experience. Show employers your career trajectory—instead of just a list of jobs. See even more details at

For our chinese readers:

很多人可能会有美国律师比较专业的误会,因为在很多时候确实本地的律师会比较多优势。但是面对移民申请这种基本不需要上法庭的法律相关事务,必然是要找语言沟通最好的移民律师。找移民律师其实跟找医生很像,由于需要很多客户与律师双方的沟通,所以建议寻找会讲中文的律师。而且最好是客服和律师助理(paralegal)都是会讲中文和英文的。这样不管是在和律师评估申请的状态,或者是助理在收申请材料上,都可以有更大的保障可以减少不必要的失误。 纽约移民律师 推荐: 本文会为大家推荐几所纽约的移民律所,并根据律所的官网收录了律所名称,简介,联系方式(网站,电话,地址,邮箱),方便大家咨询。 这几所律所的选择参考了avvo颁发的 client choice of immigration奖 和 的文章 Best Immigration lawyer in New York City 2019 ( 这篇文章介绍了Top 19 out of total 1905 Immigration lawyers served in New York city). 下面是律所的详细介绍,大家也可以点击上面两个链接查看英文原文。


②I-140(外籍劳工移民申请表格)阶段:一旦PERM获得了劳工部的批准(Certify),你的雇主/公司就可以向USCIS提交I-140申请了。数据显示,在2016年初,USCIS一般需要6到8个月左右的时间来完成I-140审批,多给钱申请PP加急处理(Premium Processing)的话可以缩短到15个工作日。需要注意的是,PERM批准后有效期限为180天,I-140必须要在PERM到期之前提出,否则一切又要重头再来。I-140走加急流程的费用是$1225。③I-485(绿卡申请表格)阶段:I-140批准后,你就会得到你的Case的优先日期,英文叫做Priority Date(PD),也就是我们通常所说的绿卡排期。因为中国大陆和印度申请绿卡的人数众多,因此出生地为这两个国家的申请人就需要等待所谓的绿卡排期了。只有当前的绿卡排期轮到了申请人的PD优先日期,才可以提交I-485申请。I-485批准了,绿卡就到手了。2016年的数据显示,I-485的审批时间为8个月左右,但由于在此之前,申请人需要花费数年时间等待绿卡排期,整个申请因此过程变得非常漫长。PD日期通常为你的PERM提交到劳工部的日期,前提是这份PERM被批准了。绿卡申请没有加急处理的途径。 在网站上阅读更多信息 移民律师.

O1签证 申请要求: 既然是给特殊人才的签证,O-1签证的申请标准自然会相对高一些,你需要证明自己在相关领域是顶尖级人才。如何证明?在国际上获得过重要奖项就可以了,当然,如果没有获得过国际大奖,只要满足以下条件中的三项也可以: 获得过国家级奖项或者相对影响力较小的国际级奖项, 是本领域内由国际或国家级的专家认可的著名团体的成员, 著名出版物或著名媒体对该申请人及其工作成果有过相关报道, 曾经担任过本领域内其他人士的作品的评审, 在本领域内做出过科学上、学术上或者商务上的重要贡献, 在专业期刊上或者重要媒体上发表过文章, 在著名组织举办的演出活动中参与过演出, 在相关行业工作,薪酬高于同行