Perfect fonts for Instagram bio

Montserrat font and other choices for a fabulous looking font for your Instagram bio? You might think that every Sans Serif font looks the same, but we can assure you – they don’t! PT Sans, for example, is a very rounded one, with a feminine and sophisticated touch. If you have a literary or institutional project, then this is a good choice.

Without a doubt, Stories has been Instagram’s smartest invention yet. In fact, it’s hard to imagine the platform without Stories. Launched in August 2016, Stories has taken over, with over 400 million users sharing them every single day. This is great news if you’re an avid Stories user and bad news if you’re a brand trying to stand out in the crowd. While I’ve previously shared seven fresh Instagram Stories ideas, today I offer nine design-focused, lesser-known hacks that your competitors likely aren’t using and that can help your Stories get more visibility.

The Instagram application itself functions using one single, boring font. It allows you to post captions and write bios in only one standard font. Use InstaBioFonts to make your Instagram bio appear like a breath of fresh air, with its creative fonts. Aesthetics are important. Especially on Instagram, which is primarily a visual medium, your profile must have an interesting, consistent aesthetic that adequately reflects who you are. Upgrading your bio font, to stylistically coordinate with your personal aesthetics will definitely give your profile an added boost of artistic panache. See additional information on Instagram fonts.

Why use an expensive alternative? There are ample independent type foundries with their own digital libraries, it just might take you a little longer to find them online. To help you out, Typewolf has created a list of his favourite 24, and below we list some of the best. Although you’ll find Dalton Maag’s typefaces in Adobe Typekit and other platforms, the foundry has its own online library where you can not only purchase and download a typeface, but also have a free trial. Individual fonts within one typeface usually cost around £16, with the entire family costing close to or over £100.

Finally, several fonts with lots of emojis and emoticon faces and symbols are also available on InstaBioFonts. Such a wide range of fonts just a click away from being copied!InstaBioFonts is sure to meet all your demands for a juicier Instagram profile. InstaBioFonts- easy access to aesthetics! So don’t waste any more time. Time to accessorize and enhance your Instagram bio! Let’s go! See additional info on